After the change of economic context that our country experienced after the mortgage crisis, rapid loans began to proliferate without paperwork and reliable. Thanks to this type of credit solutions, many individuals and self-employed were able to cope with their basic needs, after the closure of the generalized tap that the main financial institutions undertook.

Internet loans for bad credit: No Call – No Fax Resources

As we said, many families were forced into disaster after the massive loss of jobs suffered by members of less qualified sectors. The fact of losing his home was the beginning of an odyssey that ended with former members of the Spanish middle class on the street, struggling to get food.

Faced with this urgent need for financing options to restructure the Spanish social and business fabric, many credit institutions emerged, whose requirements for obtaining small amounts of money were much less strict than in the case of traditional banking.

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Under normal conditions, people used to turn to their trusted bank, represented by their lifelong manager who provided advice and a way to obtain more or less reliable money, as far as its materialization is a concern.

And after the crisis?

However, the non-payment of a receipt for the electricity, or any other good or service (a specific situation suffered by many Spaniards), involved the inclusion of the name of the person who could not pay his debts in a delinquency file, which Disqualified to obtain credit in most traditional entities.

It was precisely when these credit companies began to offer their services, just when the usual spring closed its doors. In this sense, the scrutiny they began to make of their clients was, in certain cases, greater. You must bear in mind that certain minor defaults were used as an argument to deny credits. Thus, the new online banking was concerned with establishing new risk scales more based on the future projection than in the past.

The result was the progressive introduction of these financing alternatives in the economic culture of the Spaniards, who, today, rely on the advantages of this type of quick loans.

Advantages of working with the new online banking

In the first place, the paperwork necessary to process a credit of these characteristics is much smaller. Certain entities only request a copy of the DNI and some proof of income, which may correspond to an extract from the bank.

On the other hand, these companies do not take into account that you have small debts listed in Financial Credit Institutions or in any other delinquency file. If you owe less than € 3,000 it is very likely that you can access financing, as long as you have income, or a pension.

In addition, their services are available 24 hours a day. It is only necessary to have a mobile device or computer and an Internet connection. Also, as the means of communication is always open, they inform you in a short period of time if your application is approved.

In short, quick loans without paperwork and reliable are an essential resource that many Spanish families use to make ends meet; they are also used by the self-employed, who continue to take advantage of the investment opportunities that are presented in front of this group so abused by traditional banks.